Climbing Coaching


Our route setters are some of the most experienced and profficient climbers in the state. 

We run individual and personalised climbing coaching sessions for people who want to dramatically improve their strength, technique and climbing skills.

Why not get in touch with one of our expert coaches and organise a training session or program to take your climbing to the next level.

Session times: Each coach can schedule sessions for the best time for you. 


Cost: $70 per session.

Before you come: Make sure you get in touch with us regarding session times, by either calling us, or sending us an email.

Also remember: our Terms and Conditions apply to the coaching program.

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Michael Postle

Jordan Grant

Our Head Route Setter, Jordan Grant, has been climbing indoors and out for 11 years now and route setting for 9. He’s the brains behind some of our best boulders. Setting and climbing is his life. Jordan wants to help local climbers push the limits of climbing in South Australia. He is particularly specialised at helping longer-term climbers push through their plateaus or working on their weaknesses. He has climbed and set all over the world in many different countries and experienced everything from elite-level competition bouldering to hard outdoor projecting on sport and boulder problems.

Tiffany Martini

Tiffany is a Beyond Bouldering setter and has been an outdoor climbing guide and instructor for over 4 years; teaching both adults and young teens how to conquer their fears & anxieties, working through technique and being safe on the wall. Her passion for climbing started both trad and sport climbing, but she now spends most of her time bouldering. She loves climbing for both the mental and physical health benefits and enjoys helping young gain confidence through climbing. She specialises in coaching females, working on pushing through climbing anxieties and building a good technique base.

Matt Warner

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