Group Bookings

Bringing a group of 10 or more? At Beyond Bouldering we accomodate for groups of all sizes. If you have a birthday party, get together or really any kind of social event, we’d love to have you here. 

Depending on the group size, we can even have you in to either of our gyms outside of public hours if you’d like!

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Our pricing varies between each gym:

Keswick: $20.00 per person. At Keswick we are able to accomodate for bookings outside of business hours, where you can have the whole gym to yourself. 

Kent Town: $20.00 per person.

And for both: If you would like an instructor, you can pay an extra $75.00 to have a staff member coach. This price includes shoe and chalk bag hire.

We love hosting events. We’re pretty good at it as well. As the heart of the competition and social scene for climbing in South Australia, we’re pretty well practiced at pulling out the table cloth and putting on a good party. If you’d like to have us host a party or social gathering for you in our gym, the all you need to do is reach out!

Our private bookings are for 10 people or more. If you have less than 10 people, you don’t need to book an event and can just come along as normal, however, you just won’t qualify for our group booking prices. 

Before you come: Make sure you and everyone who is going to climb fills out one of our waivers here. You can click through, watch our safety video, fill out the safety test and finally the waiver. This will save you time when you come in on the day. Don’t forget to bring your active wear and a water bottle!

Also remember: our Terms and Conditions apply to Group Bookings. We reserve the right to refuse entry to your group if you arrive without prior notice. Please note you must book in advance to receive a group discount.

Continue: In order to secure a spot, please use our booking form and we’ll get back to you with any further details.