Are you looking to take your training to the next level? At Beyond Bouldering we run a diverse range of training and conditioning classes, which are ever evolving to accomodate for the needs of our community and our athletes. Our classes cater to all skill levels, and aren’t specifically focused on just climbing. We have trainers from all across the globe, who are some of the best available at Adelaide. We’re so proud to make their expertise available to you at various times across the week. Find out more below.


Across both our Kent Town and Keswick gyms, we have a full range of training options available, either specifically for climbing or for general strength and conditioning training. 

At Beyond Bouldering we’re here provide you with everything for the fitness lifestyle.¬†

Both gyms have dedicated training areas, which are fully equiped with free weights, resistance bands, yoga mats, gymnastic rings and more.

For climbers, you can also use our professional level campus board at our Keswick gym, or our internationally accredited Moon Board or spray board at our Kent Town gym.

We also run a number of training and conditioning programs with some of Adelaide’s best trainers, ¬†including; High Intensity Interval Training, and Personal Training sessions.

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Personal Training

Our local in-house personal trainer offers some of Adelaide’s best PT services, be it for climbing or any of your other fitness goals.


Our lovely team leader, Alice, runs her very own High Intensity Interval Training. Come and see if you can handle it.